Rich Girl Mall

Covent Backyard boasts a few of the finest luxury womenswear stores in London. Factory outlet purchasing that not too removed from city centre: Branded stuff at low costs is the principle draw of Anchorpoint. This 2 storey shopping centre has a decent number of factory outlet shops in Singapore, together with Charles & Keith Outlet, Pedro Outlet, G2000 Outlet, Giordano Outlet, Cotton On Outlet, Billabong Outlet, FOX Outlet, Capitol Optical Outlet and TYPO Outlet. These stores promote their off-season and discontinued items at enormous discounts, usually from 30{7b25cb10efffd5bce090ebfe6937faee0dffb8fad9d0e04a2d8f62ae555cf18b} to 70{7b25cb10efffd5bce090ebfe6937faee0dffb8fad9d0e04a2d8f62ae555cf18b}.